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Jordan Steinberg

Principal Consultant


  • Entrepreneur

  • Technologist

  • Sales Engineer

  • Payments Executive

  • Occasionally Funny

  • Dad of a Badass Daughter

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I am  a payments enthusiast and an industry leading Sales Engineer at heart with a long track record of supporting, integrating and even implementing payment processing platforms. I have worked at multiple payment companies as an employee, member of executive leadership and a shareholder to great success.

Starting in 2000, specifically at an internship at Surefire Commerce, which would eventually become Paysafe Payments and later a part of the The Paysafe Group. I was lucky enough to start an MIS coordinator, during the payments platform design and implementation phase at such a fun, chaotic startup.  I have fond memories of being up front and center as the payment processing industry evolved from a convenience, to a mainstream, mandatory business requirement it is today. Over the years, I got to experience many different industries and billing models from low risk retail to high risk gaming merchant, touching on every facet of payment processing.

I spent almost 15 years at Paysafe, and having played a key role in implementing both inhouse proprietary and externally licensed platforms. Working my way up, getting to experience all levels, from service level technical support to leadership roles running global merchant services teams.  I immersed myself in all facets of payments while supporting, implementing and maintaining cutting edge processing products, at a global scale. I remember the excitement of being able to provide design input on driving E-Commerce focused features for gateway integration methods, merchant facing APIs, key processing features such as tokenization, recurring billing and the implementation of multiple banking relationships located around the world.

After 15 years at Paysafe, and having integrated hundreds potentially thousands of merchants in a multitude of industries, I moved on to establishan ISO with fellow like minded colleagues. Response for driving product, and operations and supporting the team at B2Billing, while we  established and rolled out our CAD and US BINs for CP and CNP processing. It was very exciting to be able to design and implement an entire processing platform on a multitude of backends from CT-Payments to NCR to TSYS. As an executive and a shareholder, I was fortunate to have led the implementations and delivered the foundation that would allow B2Billing through acquisitions and partnership to become  PayFacto Payments Inc, a leading processor and POS Provider focusing on the hospitality and transportation industries.

Along with my first 15 years focusing on E-Commerce, I added Retail, EMV and extensive knowledge of the payment network from an acquiring standpoint to my repertoire. I hear often how rare it is to come across anyone who has acquired as much knowledge in all facets of the payments industry as I have, from operations, to technology to finance to merchant services, so it was an easy decision to move to consulting.

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